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The Best Spas in Chiang Mai

Find the best spas in Chiang Mai, like Fah Lanna Spa pictured here

You can’t visit Chiang Mai without indulging in a massage…or two. Here are some of our favourite luxury spas in Chiang Mai that are worth leaving Chandra Residence for…

The Dheva Spa and Wellness Centre

Tucked away in the elegant the Dhara Dhevi Chiang Mai, the Dheva Spa and Wellness Centre is an award-winning spa destination. The design and décor will take your breath away before you’ve even had a chance to step through their doors. Offering everything from Ayurvedic and Thai massage to yoga and private therapy sessions, the Dheva Spa and Wellness Centre emphasises holistic health. You can learn more about their wellness philosophy and book treatments on their website.

Fah Lanna Spa

In Chiang Mai's Old City

Fah Lanna Spa's 'Lanna Wisdom' Package

After a long day exploring the city centre, the Fah Lanna Spa is the perfect place to escape and catch your breath. Decorated in traditional Lanna style and gorgeously landscaped, the spa will whisk you away from the bustle of the city and into a state of tranquillity. The spa is a family-owned business and offers traditional Thai massage, Reiki healing and a range of beauty treatments with a uniquely Northern Thai flair. Visit their website to check out their treatments and packages.

Anantara Chiang Mai Resort & Spa

Anantara Spa in Chiang Mai

The lavish rooms and sumptuous treatments at Anantara Spa along the river blend cutting edge therapies, Thai traditions and indulgent luxury. Spend some time after your massage enjoying afternoon tea at their colonial house along the river.

Rarinjinda Wellness Spa

In the Wat Ket Neighbourhood

Rarinjinda Wellness Resort

The Rarinjinda Wellness Spa is part of a larger hotel located on the east side of the river. The complex features a mix of traditional Lanna and modern architectural styles, decorated with lush landscaping to put your mind at ease. Focusing on therapeutic spa treatments, Rarinjinda is unique on this list for their range of hydro-therapy treatments, such as steam baths and onsen treatments. See the full range of treatments and book here on their website.

Kiyora Spa

Near Tha Pae Gate

Kiyora Spa in Chiang Mai

A relatively new addition to the Chiang Mai spa scene, the Kiyora Spa is centrally located near Thae Pae Gate. This beautiful spa offers a variety of massage therapies along with body and facial treatments. When you book a treatment at Kiyora Spa, they may attention to every detail to ensure your entire experience contributes to your wellbeing and relaxation. Visit their website to learn more about the spa menu and make a reservation.

Private Massage at Chandra Residence

In your own pool villa

Chandra Residence private villa in Chiang Mai

If you’re in need of rest and relaxation after a long day, but the thought of leaving the Chandra Residence already puts knots in your back, you’re in luck. We can arrange an onsite massage so you can enjoy a top of the line therapeutic treatment from the comfort of the villa. As a luxury Chiang Mai villa, we are happy to arrange every comfort and convenience for our guests. Learn more here.

Whether you choose one of the luxury spa experiences we’ve suggested or sample your way through all the bargain foot massages to be found in the city centre, relaxing and rejuvenating massages are sure to be a highlight of your stay in Chiang Mai.

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