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Chandra Residence


Eclectic Luxury

Chandra Residence property covers more than 8,000 square metres right on the edge of lush national parklands yet still conveniently close to the centre of Chiang Mai. 

In the Master residence, we present four bedrooms in different sizes offering a blend of luxury, warmth and playfulness. Adding to our collections, we do also offer 800 square metres of stylish private villa with 4 bedrooms, and its own swimming pool. There are separate entrance gates to ensure the utmost privacy between these two residences. 


Once inside, the sanctuary’s personality is discrete and welcoming, offering your own personal paradise to explore. Ideal for families, friends, couples, and individual travelling, or as a collaborative space for creatives retreats.

Chandra Residence has enjoyed a poetic metamorphosis over the past 18 years from a family home to a creative exploration of art, architecture and culture.

Today, it welcomes guests onto the family property to share in its sheer beauty while providing an indulgent base from which to appreciate Chiang Mai.

Designed by the owners, each of Chandra Residence’s buildings was carefully built over the years to offer a distinct combination of teak wood architecture surrounded by indigenous flora.

Our personal touch extends into the interiors which each residence showcasing an eclectic mix of local arts and crafts, international designs and all modern conveniences.

Pool Villa With floating Toys beautiful sunny day

Private Pool Villa

aerial picture of chandra residence surroundings and doi suthep mountains and national park


beautiful colorful  breakfast that was preorder by our guest using bespoke services




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